Fixed media electronics (5.1 // 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos)
2017 / 2021

Weld aims to create an environment where distinct locations and moments create new relationships. For the piece, I used field recordings collected from various places around Europe in 2016-2017 and processed them in the analogue studio at the Institute of Sonology, in The Hague. This material was then time-stretched according to the harmonic series’ ratios, diffused in other locations’ echo, and arranged as fractals.
An experiment with immersive audio, Weld presents a virtual place that joints
different time-spaces.


24.04.2021 Immersive audio at Reykjavik Art festival and Dark Music Days (new version for Dolby Atmos)
12.01.2019 Systematic Approach to Psychoacoustics at RCC #34
06.09.2018 Sonology First Year Festival Opening Concert