sound-movement performance, 2022-ongoing
Supported by Composer Fund of the Icelandic National broadcasting station & STEF and Composer fund of bylgjan & Rás 2.
Instrument design of Hreyfð supported by Struer Tracks, SPOR Festival and the Danish Composers’ Society
co-financed and partially developed at Academy for theater and digitality (DE) and sound art lab (DK)

Materize is an interactive sound-movement performance for 4 dancers and the wearable speaker instrument Hreyfð, and explores embodied musical interaction. The interplay between sound, movement, and space makes a non-linear narrative where performers take the role of choreographed sculptures that interact with the audience.

Materize is a work-in-progress and planned premiere is in late 2023. The video below is from a demonstration performance at the Academy for Theater and Digitality, where the first parts of the project were developed. You can read more about my research as a research fellow at the academy here and about the wearable instrument Hreyfð here.


Programming and technical assistance
Costume design assistance (ATD 2022)
Dancers (workshop ATD fellowship, 2022)

Intern (spring 2021)

Marina Mascarell
Nathan Marcus
Daphna Munz
Eli Cohen, Jin-Young Won, Joy Kammin, and Lukas Karvelis
Francesco Di Maggio