Interactive installation

Tocar (2019) is an interactive participatory installation where two people get to know each other through touch. It is an invitation for two participants to explore their partner like an instrument; where contact generates sound. The title Tocar is from Spanish and means to touch, play a musical instrument, or be affected.

Tocar works on conductance. The human body can transmit electrical current, and the amount varies with the surface, how sweaty the body is, temperature and more. This data is transformed to sounds by making, e.g. the pitch change depending on the amount of touch and the timbre depending on duration.

It is odd for most people to make (unexplained) physical contact – and it often creates social awkwardness. The objective of Tocar is to challenge these type of situations; making strange relationships, even unusual intimacy, between the two participants where touch that could be strange becomes explorative and playful.


23.07.2020 Group exhibition in 12 tónar at RASK #4, Reykjavik
20.05.2019 CASS at KABK auditorium, Den Haag
16.05.2019 Transformations of the Audible symposium (group exhibition) at Gallery WEST, Den Haag