Instrument design

Hreyfð (2022-in progress). Wearable instrument working with gestures and feedback
Walrus voice mute (2021). Clay mask for acoustically altered voice
Flöt (2018). Pressure sensitive floormat, MIDI controller
Box (2018). Enclosed plexiglass percussion instrument, often amplified with a quadraphonic speaker system
Kvasir (2017). Glove with stretch sensors, MIDI controller

One instrument/performer

Metamorphosis I – spider dance (2021) for wearable sculpture, drums and a percussion robot, 15’
Metamorphosis II – songs of the walrus (2021) for walrus voice mute, voice, electronics and video (optional), 20’
Thought (2021) for electric guitar, 3’30’’
Virtual spaces (2019) for hyperorgan and computer-driven processing, 11′
(2019) for 1 performer, flöt, kvasir and computer, 2’
Beygja (2019) for 1 performer, flöt, kvasir and computer, 6′
Close (2018) for 1 performer, 4 contact microphones and kvasir, 10’
Material/matter (2018) for 1 performer, 3 metal box sound sculptures and light sensors. Made in collaboration with Jesus Canuto Iglesias, 13’30’’
Nana (2017) for harp, 1’20’’
Immortal Creature (2017) for voice and electronics, 4′
Closer (2017) for 1 performer, 4 contact microphones and kvasir, 15’
Iori & Oper (2016) for trombone and echo objects, 7′
Hellum skýjunum í mjólkurglas (2016) for piano, 9′
Norður (2016) for prepared piano, 3’
Stormur (2015) for cello, effects and loop pedal, 6′
Vagabond (2014) for voice and electronics, 4’30’’

Many instruments

Light again (2022) for amplified ensemble (electric guitar, cello, double bass and grand piano), sensors and lights, 13’
Alter Ego (2021) for alto flute, bass clarinet, electric guitar, double bass, synthesizer, live electronics and quad speaker system (instrumentation is flexible), 9’
Surf (2018) for two performers and prepared bass drum, 7′
Og svo varð allt hvítt (re-arranged in 2017) for harp, string trio, live electronics, sampler, and drum set, 8’
Stoneplant (2017) for voice, harp, string trio, live electronics, sampler and drum set, 15’
Eyland (2017) for voice and string trio, 4’30’’
Brot (2017) for choir (SSAATTBB), 20’
Brot dans-hljóðverk (2017) for 5 performers, 15′
Skrítla (2016) for string septet, 9’
Tónar af bláum (2016) for string quartet, 10’15’’
Rökkurró (2013) for voices (SSAA), flute, alto saxophone, glockenspiel, marimba, and drum set, 4’15’’

Multidisciplinary performances

Materize (2022-in progress) for 4 dancers and Hreyfð (wearable speaker instrument). Choreography by Marina Mascarell, 60′
Haldalda (2022) for cello, live electronic and light sculpture/live video. Light sculpture by Claire Paugam and Raphael Andreare, 10′
Liljulag (2020). Arrangement of folk song for cello and live electronics, 3-7′
Perspectives (2018-2021) for four performers, sound sculptures, percussion, box, live video projection and a percussion robot, 55’
Mothers (2019) for voice, live electronics and video. Video by Soyun Park, 15’
Parallel worlds (2018) for two performers (open instrumentation) and the same interactive system that needs description, open duration
Ersilia (2018) for harp, double bass, percussion, and the whole installation part that needs to be described, open duration
Anonimity Runs in their Blood (2018) for voice, stage props and electronics, 11’30’’
Beat me in basket (2017) for basketball, 2 contact microphones and kvasir, 6’
Light-mind in two movements (2016) for a dancer, computer, and camera tracking system, 15’
Epli (2015) for 4 performers and surface-MIDI controller, 20′

Installations and interactive works

Telepathia (2021). Participatory sound installation
Otherlines (2021). Participatory game piece made in collaboration with Sophia Bulgakova
Lady Diana (2020). Percussion robot
Tocar (2019). Participatory sound installation where touch creates sound
Sonic Storm (2018). Immersive sound installation for 4DSOUND, hazy room and strobe lights
Stegonica (2017), feedback sound sculpture made with Jökull M. Reynisson
Litavélin (2017). Interactive sound installation made in collaboration with Jökull M. Reynisson

Fixed media

16 384 impulses / 512 seconds (2021) for 4 channel audio and video, 8’32’’ 
Mutual Circulations (2020) for binaural audio and video, 14’23’’
2048 (2018) for Wavefield Synthesis Sound System, 17’04’’ 
WELD (2018/2021) for 5.1 sound system (original) or Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 (re-arranged), 8’53’’
Pluto (2016) for stereo audio and video, 3’34”
Leiðarvísir til geðbilunar (2015) for stereo audio, 2’44’’
Og svo varð allt hvítt (2015) for stereo audio, 9′

Music for dance, theatre and film (selected collaborations)

PANG (2021) for performance for wearable sculpture by Daphne Kartsens, 20’
Ocean Bloom (2021) for interactive/sound installation with Sandipan Nath. 
Got nothing to say (2019) for multimedia performance by Yelena Arakelow, 20’
Blablabla.bla (2017) for film by Yelena Arakelow, 10’
My New Green Sweater (2016) for performance by Yelena Arakelow, 10’