For solo hyper organ and computer (2019)
Supported by orgelpark

An organ is fundamentally a site-specific instrument as the acoustics of the space it inhabits remain an inseparable part of its character. The Hyper Organ in Orgelpark (Amsterdam) connects two organs, the Sauer Organ and the Utopa Baroque Organ through a digital console with independent manipulation of each pipe, in which the possibilities of transforming the perception of architectural acoustics are expanded. By creating a dialogue between these two organs and how they collide in space, Virtual spaces embodies a virtual organ and follows it through different spaces it could potentially belong to. Perhaps these spaces include other concert halls, churches, or large cathedrals. Maybe they are something unimaginable — a space so infinite that the echo never leaves.


09.11.2019 Performed by Jacob Lekkerkerker at Nieuwe composities voor hyperorgan in Orgelpark, Amsterdam (premiere)
15.02.2020 Performed by Ere Lievonen at Orgel en Percussie in Orgelpark, Amsterdam