Close is an ongoing on artistic research on how the sounds of the body can be used as an artistic medium. The work series currently consist of 2 sound- and movement pieces that explore the use of the intimate sounds of the body.

The first piece, Closer, was made in made in collaboration with programmer and sound designer Jökull Máni Reynisson and dancer Sara Margrét Ragnarsdóttir, as RASK Collective.
Closer explores how it is possible to expand a dancer’s potential for expression by extending the medium to be not only visual and physical, but auditory. With the piece, we seek to bring the audience to the intimate details of a performance by making the normally inaudible sounds of the body, such as the movement of muscles and tendons, a part of the experience. By using contact microphones and a custom made glove composed of various types of sensors the dancer is put in full control, making it a complete sound generative and visual experience.

As a part of the experiment, the development of the Ás– glove was developed in collaboration with Ása Bríet Brattaberg.

Sól ey Close Closer Sóley Sigurjónsdóttir sól-ey


Close was composed few months later, as a further realisation on the concept.  How does the body sync with the other sounds? How do our activities affect our movements? How do our activities affect how we sound, inside of the body? Close further explores how a piece can be equally a composition and choreography.

Video 2 by Cami Lakonic.
Video 3 by Jesus Canuto Iglesias.
Photos by Hibiki Mukai, Sól Ey and Jesus Canuto Iglesias.