Performance installation
2018-2021 – WORK IN PROGRESS
Created in collaboration with Bimetric and Soyun Park
Supported by The Composer Fund of the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service & STEF and iii

Perspectives is a performance-installation evolving around the phenomenon of perception points. The piece seeks to open up a space in which the audience and the performers can collectively explore conceivable dimensions of matter. In this context, matter refers to both the aspect of the material itself as well as being a profound reflection on our surroundings. It is an attempt to re-evaluate the relationship between humans and their environment.

Perspectives aims to create an immersive performance experience. By integrating large-scale multimedia installations and new instruments, the audience is guided through an interactive exploration of sound objects, surrounded with video projection, and encouraged to individually explore the performance. In order to examine these relationships, various interactive sound sculptures, instruments, and musical robots have been developed. These sculptures are arranged to seamlessly integrate both audience, instruments, and performers in one space.

With a total run-time of an hour, Perspectives consists of six movements, each exhibiting a distinct relationship between sound source and observers. The cognitive characteristics are examined through the following themes:

Us as objects
Us around objects
Us inside objects
Objects inside us
Objects around us
Objects as us


18.04.2019 Perspectives 1 at Konstrukt #17, Korzo Theatre, The Hague
22.06.2019  Perspectives 1, 2 and 4 at Fractions, iii workspace, The Hague
24.10.2020  Perspectives 4 and 6 at No Patent Pending #40, iii workspace, The Hague
16.12.2020  Perspectives 3 (Mothers) at Dag in de Branding #58 online program

Perspectives will  premiere in full length spring 2021 as well as being showcased at the UNM festival in Aarhus in August 2021.

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Photos by Irene Charlotte Jahn and Pieter Kers |