Performance installation
2018-2020 – WORK IN PROGRESS
Created in collaboration with Bimetric and Soyun Park
Supported by The Composer Fund of the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service and STEF

Perspectives is a performance installation that explores the concept of sound from various perspective points. In the process of developing the piece, various interactive sound sculptures, custom-made instruments, and musical robots have been developed. The sculptures are presented as a playground of sonic experiences where the audience are invited to interact.

The theme of Perspectives is based around the exploration of different possible relations between objects as sound sources and us as observers. By performing with different fragments of the installation elements, the focus of the work moves between places in space. The audience is encouraged to explore the performance from their individual perspective and invited to interact in various ways throughout the performance. With a total runtime of approximately one hour, Perspectives consists of six pieces; each built around the idea to exhibit a distinctive relationship between the sound source and the observer. The cognitive characteristics are examined through the following theme:

Us as objects
Us around objects
Us inside objects
Objects inside us
Objects around us
Objects as us


Perspectives will be premiered in early 2020.