Participatory performance installation for harp, double bass, percussion, electronics, sensors and lights.
Sound installation and system design by: Sól Ey
Performance score by: Domenic Jarlkaganova
Written for and commissioned by: michela Amici trio for Invisible cities

“When the strings become so numerous that you can no longer pass among them, the inhabitants leave: the houses are dismantled; only the strings and their supports remain.”

Ersilia by Sól Ey, Icelandic composer and sound artist

Ersilia is an interactive performance installation inspired by one of Italo Calvino’s fictional cities described in the novel Invisble cities. Ersilia was made in collaboration with composer Domenic Jarlkaganova, who created a sound score for the musicians, and was performed by Michela Amici on harp, Antoine Josselin on percussion and Zacharias Fasshauer on double bass.

Imagine a space with strings all around; strings that connect, strings that can be played, heard, even seen, but never touched. How do the strings connect you? How do the strings connect you to the space, to your body, to your neighbour?


The installation consists of various sensors that appear as strings around the space. On one half, the audience move through invisible strings as their movements and location triggers string-like sounds. From the other side of the room, six light beams create strings from the ceiling to the floor, which when are crossed make an interactive score for the musicians to play along with.


Photos by Jesus Canuto Iglesias.