Solo performance for kvasir, contact mic and basketball

Beat me in Basket is a visual and audible exploration through an object; a basketball. It is a research on how the movements and sound in a performance can be interconnected. Patterns are explored with the possibilities of movements, pitch and rhythm with the object.
The object is expanded with two types of technical applications; a contact microphone is amplifying the inner sound of the object, making more options in emphasising the sonic expression of it, and a bend- sensor glove which is expanding the possibilities of live processing the sounds with the movements.

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 15.07.47

In the second part of the performance, the research lies in how our sensation of the performance matters. If the exploration is based on the experience of a basketball and its possibilities, is it than possible to recreate the audible and visual experience but without the object?
In this part of the performance, a contact microphone is amplifying the sound of the wrist of the performer, so you can hear movements that would be usual when playing with the ball. Through sound processing and selected sound effects it may sound almost the same as the basket ball was sounding earlier. The performer can therefore copy the same movements and sounds again, redoing the experience – but without the object. Perhaps there are more possibilities without the ball?

Performed by Brynja Bjarnadóttir.
Full discussion available here.

Video and photos by Ábel Fazekas