thought. Composition for solo electric guitar, for Jiji. 3’30”
Perspectives. Performance installation (2018-2021) created in collaboration with Bimetric and Soyun Park, 1 hour.


Mothers. For voice, live electronics and video, created in collaboration with Soyun Park (visuals and stage) as a part of Perspectives, 13’00”. 
Mutual circulations. Fixed media video performance, 14’23”.
Haldalda. For cello, live electronics and light sculpture, created in collaboration with Claire Paugam and Raphaël Alexandre, 9’00”.


Beygja. Performance for flöt and kvasir, 6’00”.
Box. Electro-acoustic percussion instrument.
Got nothing to say. Music for performance by Yelena Arakelow.
O. Performance for flöt and kvasir, 2’00”
Tocar. Participatory sound installation.
Virtual spaces. Composition for hyperorgan, 9’00”.
The private creative process. Solo performance lecture, 45’00”.


Anonimity Runs In Their Blood. Music theatre for solo voice and recorded voice, 12’00”.
Close. Gestural electronic music performance, 7’00”.
Ersilia. Concert installation created in collaboration with Domenic Jarlkaganova, 10’00”.
Flöt. Electronic instrument.
Material/matter. Performance installation created in collaboration with Jesus Canuto Iglesias, 10’00”.
Sonic storm. Immersive sound installation.
Parallel worlds. Participatory concert installation, 6’00”.
Weld. Fixed media electronics, 8’50”.


2048. Fixed media electronics, 17’04”.
Beat me in Basket. Performance for real and invisible basketballs, 5’00”.
Closer. Performance for kvasir and amplified body, 10’00”.
Eyland. Composition for voice and string trio, 4’30”.
Kvasir. Electronic instrument.
Immortal creature. Composition for voice and electronics, 3’30”.
Semi-questions of a semi handstand. Music for short film by Yelena Arakelow, 4’37”.
Stegonica. Sound installation.


Brot. Composition for choir (SATB), 20’00”.
Iori&Oper. For solo trombone and amplified gongs. Composed for Jón Arnar Einarsson. 10’0”.
Light-mind in two movements. Gestural-music performance by RASK Collective.


Epli. Gestural-electronic music performance created in collaboration with Brynhildur Karlsdóttir, 10’00”.
Og svo varð allt hvítt. Fixed media electronics, 9’00”.
Skrítla. String septet, 9’00”.